Best gym hairstyles & post workout hair saviours
10 May 17

Best gym hairstyles & post workout hair saviours

Never let a bad hair day get between you and a good workout again – we’re here to give you the best gym hairstyles to get you in the zone! 

Needing to transition flawlessly onto date night or work after your gym sesh? We have the perfect
solutions for fixing your post gym hair dilemmas; meaning you maybe, just might be more tempted to make that 6am yoga class.

Gym Hairstyles 

Boxer braids

A favourite of Kim K, boxer braids are a popular look for fitness bloggers and A listers alike and are fast becoming one of the most worn workout styles and we can see why! This style looks good at the gym and beyond and is perfect for all hair lengths. 

BEST FOR: Running & (as the name suggests) boxing.


Double braided buns

Work your inner Miley Cyrus and rock braided space buns! Not only does this style look super cool but it prevents the annoyance of having your ponytail constantly whipping you in the face and it is perfect for keeping sweaty fringes and shorter layers away from your face whilst working out. 

If you don’t have time to perfect the braided bun – simple double buns work just as well.

BEST FOR: Yoga & weight training.


The messy bun 

This style is giving us Ballerina vibes and is perfect for keeping hair out of the way when lying on your back for yoga or Pilates and it won't feel like you're lying on a rock. A loose bun also avoids the usual hair damage a super tight bun or ponytail causes. The beauty of this style is that it is meant to look messy – so a few fly-aways won’t matter!

 BEST FOR: Pilates & core and barre exercises 


French braid 

The classic French braid is a great workout style as even during high intensity exercise hair is kept firmly in place. This look is perfect for post workout date nights as once the braid is taken out you are left with
luscious loose curls! 

BEST FOR: Surviving the HIIT 

Post gym saviours 

The hun - bun

Ahhh where would we be without the hun – bun, the ultimate bad hair day hairstyle; the hun, or half – bun, is effortlessly chic and is your post workout dream! This was the biggest hair trend of 2015 and thankfully it looks like it's not going away any time soon. The beauty of this style is how versatile it is - it can be dressed up or down depending on your post gym location! 

Cold shot

If you have no time to wash your hair after a workout, using the cold shot on your hairdryer will get rid of sweaty hairlines and prevent static and frizz. Thank us later!

Mini Speed Brush

Another alternative if you don’t have enough time for a shower is the classic ‘fringe wash’ disguise. Our mini straightening brush is perfect for styling fringes and is compact in size so can easily fit into any gym bag. This tool is also ideal for straightening out the dreaded gym hair kinks.

Free styler

Our Free- Styler is a post work out saviour and a gym bag essential! Once charged for 4 hours, you get up to 40 minutes of use – cord free! Perfect for quick touch ups so you can transition flawlessly onto date night after the gym.