Star Product Winners at the Hair Awards 2018!
07 August 18

Star Product Winners at the Hair Awards 2018!

We Won!
Glamoriser were the winners of the much coveted ‘Star Product’ for this years Hair Awards!
The Glamoriser Auto Curler creates glamorous, defined curls at the touch of a button. With a Black Diamond Oil infused barrel, this easy to use curler leaves hair looking sleek and luminescent! It’s suitable for all hair types and textures due to the wide variety of heat settings. Minimal effort, maximum impact!
It might look tricky to use but it’s super easy - we promise! Check out our simple to follow directions below:
  1. Ensure the large ‘U’ shaped opening of the product is facing away from you. Starting with the under layers of hair, select a section of hair and place horizontally in the top of the barrel, holding the hair at the ends.
  2. Once hair is in the correct position select either the left or right directional button, which will curl hair either towards your face or away from your face, depending on the curl you’re after. (Left towards your face, right away from your face)
  3. Allow hair to be taken into the barrel smoothly and continue to press down the directional button until the barrel stops spinning.
  4. Pull the barrel in a downward motion away from your hair to release the curl.
  5. Repeat until your whole head is curled.
  6. Brush through your curls, starting from the root to the ends.
And you’re set!
We’ve extended our 20% off promotion till the 10th August. Get your own Auto Curler on the Glamoriser website for only £79.99!