The Hair Tool to add to your Christmas Wishlist
25 November 16

The Hair Tool to add to your Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is right around the corner and many of you will be searching for the perfect present for your loved ones (or yourself!)
We've got that covered..our Detangle & Straight makes the PERFECT Christmas gift for something a little different. 
Lovely blogger Eleasha Ajadi at Duchess Of Fashion reviewed the Detangle & Dry and agreed it is a Christmas wishlist must-have. Below we have highlighted some of the best bits from her article.
''I was adamant that there wasn’t any other brand that could compare to GHD’s and would never attempt to stray no matter how many times people told me about other brands (...) I’ve been using these straighteners for roughly a month now and I can confirm these are definitely a one of a kind product on the market''
''The plates are infused with black diamond oil, straighteners infused with oil? Have you ever heard of such a thing, because I certainly haven’t! It’s just what I need to keep my hair moisturised and add shine, particularly if you have dry, course hair like me. The temperature is adjustable with 6 variable heat settings, which is new for me as my GHD’s never gave me that option. Finally my favourite feature has to be the heated integrated combs on one side to help detangle your hair whilst straightening. I’m used to using small tooth combs whilst straightening my hair so now I have this amazing feature, it eliminates one step and helps speed up the process. Regardless what hair type you have (or if your hair isn’t even yours), these straighteners can tackle anything.''
To read the full review from Duchess Of Fashion follow the link below!